Available in a variety of different styles and textures including timber, slate, tile, marble, and pressed metal, Flooring Services Australia’s vinyl range consists of three high end products from two Australian companies:


Fooring Services Australia specialises in some of the best types of carpets available on the Australian market. We stock carpet ranges boasting the latest fashion colours and styles. If you have an eye for style, visit our showroom for a range of carpets guaranteed to make a statement in your home or business.

We choose to stock Australian and New Zealand carpets, because they are locally made and internationally renowned for their quality.  The carpet manufacturers we choose to deal with include:

Carpet is the most luxurious of floor coverings.  When selecting the best carpet for your home or business, Flooring Services Australia encourages you to take into consideration your requirements with regards to its appearance, longevity, usage, and budget.

Today carpet is available in the following main natural or synthetic fibres.

Wool Nylon Polypropylene
Fibre Type Natural Synthetic Synthetic
Comfort Very good Excellent Poor
Appearance Excellent Very good Very Good – Good
Longevity Excellent Very good Excellent – Good
Durability Excellent Very good Excellent – Good
Stain resistance Good Excellent Excellent
Memory Retention Excellent Good Good
Price Medium – High Medium – High Low – Medium
Best Usage All environments. Medium to low traffic environments such as domestic properties. High traffic environments such as retail, office and domestic rental properties.


Carpets are also further categorized by the weave of fibres used in the carpet material i.e. Plush, Twist, Loop and Sisal. Each weave produces different benefits such as visual design, warmth, feel, softness and durability.

Solid Timber

The solid timber flooring collection stocked by Flooring Services Australia brings together beautifully crafted timber ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

Offering a choice of 100s of species of timber, our current collection includes hardwood hand-picked from the following manufacturers of high quality solid timber flooring:

Floating Floors

The range of floating floors available at Flooring Services Australia boasts contemporary patterns in laminate and timber floating floors from Australia’s most respected brands:

  • Big River
  • Readyflor
  • Quickstep
Timber Floating Floor Laminate Floating Floor
Visual Appearance Excellent Good
Scratch Resistance Good Very Good
Stain Resistance Fair Excellent
Fade Resistance Fair Excellent
Impact Resistance Good Excellent
Ease of Maintenance Good Very Good
Moisture Resistance Fair Good
Ease of Repair Good Poor